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Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

The Wooden Dummy is one of the primary pieces of Wing Chun training equipment.

The Wing Chun wooden dummy is also known as the Muk Yan Jong or Mok Yan Chong. It has over 100 wing chung techniques that comprise of the wooden dummy form. The wooden dummy form is a very important part of learning Wing Chun.

The wooden dummy is a thick post made out of wood and consists of 3 arms and 1 leg. It is mounted on a springy frame. The wooden dummy itself represents a physical opponent. The arms represent attacks that have to be either blocked or obstacles that need to be overcome to be able to initiate an attack. The leg also has to be worked around and attacked during the form.

Dummies don't hit back

Although the wooden dummy doesn't run away, have any defensive movements or hit back you can still lose to it. Forgetting to train using proper Wing Chun means your time using the wooden dummy is wasted, therefore you lose.

Basic guide lines to using a wooden dummy:

  1. mai jiang Draw the elbows inward and forward
  2. lok ma Sink the horse stance
  3. kim sut Press the hips and knees together
  4. ting yu Hold the spine straight
  5. dung tao Raise the crown of the head

Advantages of a dummy

Nothing can beat a good real life training partner. However, when your training partner can't make training or you fancy putting in a few extra hours of hard work the dummy is the next best thing. Not only can you train for as long as you want, whenever you want but you can also hit the dummy as hard as can without having to worrying about hurting it. This is one of the main advantages over a training partner as it's very difficult to hit with full power and full speed without injuring each other.

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