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Wing Chun terminology (glossary)

Wing Chun terminology (glossary)

Ever heard a Wing Chun instructor calling out a variety of Chinese phrases and wondered what the heck they were talking about? Wonder no more, here is a list of the most common Wing Chun terms..

As Wing Chun is a chinese martial art it's terminology comes from colloquial Cantonese and sometimes slang spoken Foshan. We have put together a list of the most common Wing Chun terms below. If you are a long-term Wing Chun practitioner you should know the majority of them! Have a read through and see how many of the terms you already know!

Many Wing Chun instructors choose to use English spoken terminology only as they believe that performing the martial art is more important. Either way, it's good to understand the history and cultural side of any martial art.

Cantonese English meaning(s)
Wing song; poem
Chun spring (time); gay; joyful; youthful; love; lust; life
Kuen fist


Cantonese English meaning(s)
Yut One
Yee Two
Sahm Three
Say Four
Mm Five
Luk Six
Chut Seven
Bak Eight
Gow Nine
Sup Ten
Sup yut Eleven
Sup yee Tweleve
Sup sahm Thirteen
Yee sup Twenty
Sahm sup Thirty

Wing Chun Forms

Cantonese English meaning(s)
Siu Lim Tao little idea
Chum Kiu seeking the bridge
Biu Jee darting fingers
Muk Yan Jong wooden dummy
Luk Dim Boon Gwun six and a half point pole
Bat Jam Dao eight slashing knives

Instructor and student terms

Cantonese English meaning(s)
Sidai junior male classmate
Simui junior female classmate
Sihing senior male classmate
Sije senior female classmate
Sifu master
Sisuk master's junior male or female classmate
Sibak master's senior male or female classmate
Sigung master's master
Sijo master's master's master

Limb names

Cantonese English meaning(s)
sao hand
kuen fist
gerk foot; leg

Limb position names

Cantonese English meaning(s)
bong sau wing arm
fook sau controlling hand
man sau seeking hand
wu sau protecting hand
tan sau dispersing hand
kau sau detaining hand

Limb position names

Cantonese English meaning(s)
jam sau sinking hand
gaun sau cultivating arm
jut sau choking hand
huen sau circling hand
lap sau pulling hand
pak sau slapping hand
tok sau lifting hand
lan sau barring arm
tie sau uplifting hand
jip sau receiving hand
gum sau pressing hand
biu sau darting hand

Dreill terms

Cantonese English meaning(s)
dan chi sau single sticky hand
luk sau double sticky hands
chi gerk sticky feet

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