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Martial arts training equipment

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An introduction to Martial arts training equipment

Martial arts training equipment is very important for safety and also realistic training. Having the proper training equipment will allow you to spar harder, train harder and hit harder without the worry of hurting your training partner.

There is a huge range of training gear available on the market - some worth the money you pay and some not - Fightscope are here to ensure you don't get ripped off and pay top money for the latest training contraption that you won't use - if money is tight - get the primary training equipment gear first.

Martial arts training equipment - priority of purchase

  1. Focus pads
  2. Boxing/MMA gloves
  3. Head guard/Helmet
  4. Mouth guard
  5. Shin guards
  6. Punch bag
  7. Kick shield
  8. Chest/body guard
  9. Groin guard

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