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Shadowboxing for rhythm

Shadowboxing for rhythm

This is a great training tool you can drill on your own. It will help you develop an understand and feel of timing and rhythm..

We all know how important shadowboxing is as a training tool. In this article I am going to talk about how you can train shadowboxing music to get a better feel of rhythm and timing.

You will need a music player/cd/mp3 player, a variety of ANY music and an open area.

Step 1

Turn on the music and listen to the rhythm and beat.

Step 2

Start shadowboxing to the music. Try to feel the music and flow gracefully with it. Don't worry about going too fast or too slow, your shadowboxing to the music and not to an opponent. The idea is to learn to fight fast and slow.

Step 3

Once then first song has finished your first round is over. Grab a quick drink.

Step 4

Play the second song and repeat step 2. Do this for 5-7 different songs/rounds.

A quick note on rhythm and timing

Rhythm and timing is an extremely important part of a fight. Being able to break your opponents rhythm can win you a fight.

Imagine your opponent throws a jab-jab-cross at you with the same amount of timing between each punch. This would have the beat 1, 2, 3. (Say it out loud). Knowing my opponent is going to throw a jab-jab-cross using a 1, 2, 3 beat I could easily intercept his last punch by throwing a quick shot immediately after his 2 on the half beat. To do that my beat would look like this: block, block, strike using the beat 1,2,2.5

You can read more about beats, rhythm and timing here

What music?

Any music at all! Jazz, hip-hop, classical, fact the more genres you shadowbox to the better. Remember that you are shadowboxing to music to teach yourself to move quickly, slowly and quickly and slowly. Learn to mix it up, just like a dancer would.

Let yourself go

Don't let your conscience get in the way. Relax and feel the music. Float around, let your muscle contract and retract all by themselves. The more you can move without thinking the greater fighter you will be.

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