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Going back to basics... Footwork

Going back to basics... Footwork

Back to working on one of the most important and yet under trained skills in martial arts..footwork!.

Going back to basics - footwork

When was the last time you trained pure basic footwork?

I don't mean fancy footwork like the burning step or heal toe sway I mean real basic footwork.

Moving our feet quickly and efficiently enables us to evade attacks as well as get one step ahead of our opponents and cause some serious damage. This is why today's going back to basics is footwork.

I'm not going to get into specific footwork movement, that's for you and your style to work out or bring to the table. I'm going to show you a set of drills that will work with any style of fighting including MMA, Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do and even Wing Chun - it doesn't matter.

Basic footwork drills

Basic structure

Ensure every drill is carried out with your chin down and hands up. Make sure your hands do not bounce up and down during any of the drill or that your chin pops up - these are basic things that people forget - train lazy and you will fight lazy - it's that simple.

Forward and backwards

Can it get any more basic than moving forwards and backwards? More to the point..can it get any more IMPORTANT than moving forwards and backwards quickly and efficiently.

Forwards-to-backwards - 2 minutes

  1. Get in your fighting "ready position".
  2. Move 1 step forwards.
  3. Move 1 step backwards.
  4. Repeat steps again.

Backwards-to-forwards - 2 minutes

  1. Get in your fighting "ready position".
  2. Move 1 step backwards
  3. Move 1 step forwards
  4. Repeat steps again.

Forwards-forwards-backwards-forwards-forwards - 2 minutes

This drill is to replicate an offensive fighter moving in to strike his opponent, evading a counter-punch (by moving backwards) and continuing the attack. Keep the movement as free flowing as possible.

  1. Get in your fighting "ready position".
  2. Move 2 steps forward.
  3. Move 1 step backwards.
  4. Move 2 steps forward.
  5. Repeat steps again.

Backwards-backwards-forwards-backwards - 2 minutes

This drill is to replicate being on the defense against an opponent that is chasing you down (think of a Forrest Griffin) type fighter.

  1. Get in your fighting "ready position".
  2. Move 2 steps backwards.
  3. Move 1 step forwards.
  4. Move 2 steps backwards.
  5. Repeat steps again.

Side step - 2 minutes

When defending it's not always a good idea or an option to move back in a straight line. Some times a simple side step or angler movement is enough.

  1. Get in your fighting "ready position".
  2. Move 1 side step to the left.
  3. Move 1 side step to the right.
  4. Move 2 steps to the left.
  5. Move 2 steps to the right.
  6. Repeat the above

So we have been back to the basics of footwork..

This article is as much a reminder than a lesson on basic footwork. I have written many back to basic articles on Fightscope now and this is because I truly believe that any fighter that has trained the basics to fulfil his (almost) maximum potential will have a long career..or at least put up a hell of a good fight in the streets!

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