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15 minute punchbag workout

15 minute punchbag workout

An intense training program for working the punch bag.

So many people that own or use a punch bag don't actually use it with a purpose. They throw a couple of punches and then get bored.

Does this sound like you?

The most common problem is structuring a proper training workout for the bag.

I am about to change how you workout on your punch bag and give you an example of a real cardiovascular, fat burning and muscle toning workout.

What you will need for this workout:

Here is what you will be doing in the work out:

  1. The warm up.
  2. Workout part 1 - Jab, cross.
  3. Workout part 2 - Jab, cross, hook.
  4. Workout part 3 - boxing blasts.

The warm-up

Set your stop watch for 3 minutes and begin jogging on the spot. If you have a skipping rope or other similar fitness equipment you'd prefer go ahead use them instead. Shake your arms and legs out freely and gently this is a a warm up and the idea is to get your blood circulation going and loosen up your body for the workout.

You should be relaxed and only slightly out of breath. If you feel yourself getting exhausted your working to hard.

Take a 1 minute break.

Workout part 1: Jab, cross.

You should now be warmed up and 4 minutes into your workout.

It is now time to start your first drill on the punch bag. Moving around the punch bag freely work on a "jab, cross" combination. Throw your jab and retract it. Once your jab has retracted throw your cross.

Be sure to always have a guard up (either your left or right hand) and never have both hands out as this can lead you being wide open in a real fight.

The Jab
A jab is a punch thrown by your lead hand. If you are standing with your right foot closest to the punch bag your right hand will work as your jab.

The Cross
A jab is a punch thrown by your rear hand. This is often (but not always) a stronger "knock-out" punch after you have gained an entry using your jab.

If you push off with your right foot you should step left and visa versa. NEVER cross your legs as this can lead to you becoming unbalanced. Restrain from 'bouncing' up and down as this is a very common mistake and can lead to an opponent catching you out.

Work the starter jab cross drill for 3 minutes straight. 3 minutes doesn't seam like a long time but trust me you will feel the burn!

Once complete. Take a 1 minute break. You are now 9 minutes into your workout.

Workout part 2: Jab, Cross, Hook.

We will now add a hook to the above jab, cross combination. As above through your jab quickly followed by a cross which is now followed by the hook.

The Hook
A hook is a curved punch that is usually completed on the side of your opponents head. You must twist your hips and throw your entire body weight into punch.

Set your stop watch for 3 minutes and throw your jab, cross, hook!!

Once your 3 minutes are up take another 1 minute break to catch your breath (you will need it). You are now 12 minutes into your workout.

Workout part 3: Boxing blasts

The last 3 minutes of your boxing punch bag workout will be the finishing punches in a fight situation. You will be hitting your punch bag with boxing blasts with 100% of your energy.

Boxing blasts
Boxing blasts are the big punches you throw once you have entered the inside fighting measure. They are big heavy blows that are meant to finish off your opponent. They can be straights or hooks aimed at the head or body. Imagine your bag is a real person and imagine where there body would be for body shots and head for head shots. Aim your punches at the four corners of your opponent (high left side, low left side, high ride side, low left side.

The inside fighting measure
When you start a fight you are usually at a distance from your opponent. Once you have entered (either with a jab or kick) and are up close with your opponent you are inside the fighting measure. You are at a near distance with your opponent and they are easily within your reach to hit them.

Work the boxing blasts for 3 minutes.

Congratulations - Workout Over

Your workout is now over. You should have performed 12 minutes of intense punch bag training (with 3x1 minute breaks) that took your physical limit to it's maximum.

Your body's physical limit
Everyone's physical limit is different. What I want you to think about is your personal physical limit. This is what you should be working at reaching. If you aren't pushing yourself hard you are wasting precious training time.

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