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Technique training

Going back to basics... Footwork

Going back to basics... Footwork

Back to working on one of the most important and yet under trained skills in martial arts..footwork!.

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Shadowboxing is a great tool to improve body mechanics, footwork, rythm, timing, speed and all round form

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Fight with grace

Learn to float around the ring gracefully with swifth, efficient and fluid like footwork and strikes

Four Corners Defense-To-Attack Boxing Drill

The four corners defense-to-attack boxing drill is a great way to train your reaction speed to covering up. It also gets you into the habit of covering a shot and firing an attack of your own straight back to your opponent.

Shadowboxing - Replicate A Fight

Put on a DVD of your favourite fighter, study how they fight and replicate it with your shadowboxing.

Shadowboxing for rhythm

This is a great training tool you can drill on your own. It will help you develop an understand and feel of timing and rhythm.

An introduction to Technique training
technique training and drills...

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