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Fightscope bodybuilding program

Fightscope bodybuilding program

Here it is. The official bodybuilding program - built primarily on the personal workout of WWE superstar Triple H.

About the program

This program utilizes the basic bread and butter of bodybuilding - squats, dead lifts and bench presses - with the addition of isolation exercises to hit those hard-to-work muscles for extra definition.

Each of the big compound movements are performed at the beginning of the workout, ensuring they are performed with your maximum energy and focus. The isolation exercises are scheduled later in the workout to recruit those extra muscle fibres.

The printable workout plan

Monday: Legs/Abdominal's

Exercise SET 1 (12-15 reps) Set 2 (10-12 reps) Set 3 (6-8 reps)
Lying leg curls      
Leg extensions      
Seated calf raises      
Cable crunches      
Hanging leg raises      
Decline oblique crunch (to failure)      

Tuesday: Shoulders/Triceps

Exercise SET 1 (12-15 reps) Set 2 (10-12 reps) Set 3 (6-8 reps)
Standing military press      
Dumbbell lateral raises      
Dumbbell front raises      
Barbell high pulls      
Tricep pushdowns      
Lying tricep extensions (skull crushers)      

Thursday: Back/Rear Deltoids (rear shoulder)

Exercise SET 1 (12-15 reps) Set 2 (10-12 reps) Set 3 (6-8 reps)
Dead lifts      
Bent over barbell rows      
Dumbbell Rows      
Close-grip pull downs      
Overhand chin ups      
Hyperextensions   -------------------- --------------------
Rear-delt fly's      
Bent-over dumbbell raises      

Saturday: Chest/Biceps

Exercise SET 1 (12-15 reps) Set 2 (10-12 reps) Set 3 (6-8 reps)
Flat dumbbell press      
Incline dumbbell press      
Incline dumbbell fly's --------------------    
Decline dumbbell fly's --------------------    
Cable crossovers     --------------------
E-Z barbell curls      
Alternated seated dumbbell curls      
Underhand Pull Ups      

Note: There is no perfect bodybuilding routine. The best thing to do is have a basic foundation program and mix it up every 4 weeks.

How to mix the program up

Triple H is one of the majority of bodybuilders that mix their training plans up. He recommends to have a foundation program like the one below and change things around every 4-6weeks - depending on how your body feels. The change should last for approximately 2 weeks.

Example of changed period:

Example ways of mixing your routine:

Here is an example routine for mixing up your training.

Recommended list of alternative exercises

Once you have becoming familiar with this workout routine, you can mix it up by exchanging the exercises in your plan for different ones. This is something Triple H directly recommends doing in his book.

Quadriceps: Abdominal Traps Shoulders Triceps




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