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Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris

Who do you think would win? Here is the video of the two squaring off against each other.

Both Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris are two of the worlds most famous Martial Artists of the 20th century. The question about "Who will win in a real fight?" has been asked hundreds of times all over the internet on martial arts forums.

Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris - Who would win?

The answer is; Who knows? The majority would say Lee, but nobody can say for certain as the outcome of a fight can never be guessed,especially when it involves two very accomplished martial artists. Personally I would say Bruce Lee, simply because of his speed, power and style-less way, compared to Chuck Norris's Karate style.

Did Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris really fight?

There are many rumors that the two did fight. The most common is that Bruce and Chuck squared off and Bruce one. Another rumor has it that they fought a few times, with Bruce winning all of them.

Either way, here is the closest we have to a Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris main even:

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