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Sparring rules & variables

Sparring rules & variables

Ensuring you and your training partner have a mutual understanding of the rules and variables of your sparring training will provide a much greater training session and won't end in an angry fight.

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Fighting with a poker face

Masking your true emotions allows you to conceal how you really feel and give your opponent a false sense of security.

George "St PIMP" Pierre

G.S.P learns the way of the intercepting PIMP.

Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris

Who do you think would win? Here is the video of the two squaring off against each other

Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong With Nunchucks

Bruce Lee, founder of JKD using his amazing nunchaku skills to defeat a world class champion at a game of table tennis

The Martial Arts Show 2010

Martial Arts returns to the National Exhibition Centre in the form the Martial Arts show, with a line up that's set to "ROCK " the UK!

A scientific approach to a knockout punch

A scientific approach to knocking someone out with a punch

3 Way MMA

Possibily the most unrealistic fighting since the WWE.

An introduction to Martial Arts Articles

In this section you will find general martial arts articles that didn't quite fit in to any of our other categories. From funny stories to serious reports and entertaining videos to serious diagrams - you will find just about anything and everything related to martial arts here!

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