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Common amateur fight mistakes

Common amateur fight mistakes

There are far too guys out there that lose because of their lack of competence. Don't be one of them - get the fundamentals right and you will go a long way..

Anyone that follows any competitive martial art like Kickboxing, MMA or Boxing will have seen amateurs make obvious mistakes even to the untrained eye. If you are currently in training for a fight be sure you don't make any of these mistakes.

Starting Slow

When the bell rings the FIGHT STARTS! How many times have you seen a guy straight out of the blocks and 'shock' his opponent and beat him in the first round? It happens far too often. Do not wait for the fight to warm up, the fight starts as soon as the bell rings!

The Mad Rush

The opposite to a slow start. A guy (usually nervous) gets a shot of adrenaline and runs out of his corner swinging like a mad man- forgetting everything he's trained for leading up to the fight - and ends up getting knocked out in the first round.

The Crazy Panic

Both fighters are doing a good job, it's an even fight, both fighters are defending and attacking well until one fighter lands a very hard blow. This sends his opponent into "panic mode" who wants to get his own back and starts swinging like a mad-man, and leaving his chin wide open - often ending in getting himself hit by a second hard blow which knows him out.

Defend & Defend

Defensive fighting is great providing you hit your opponent with counter-strikes and intercept whenever possible. What isn't so great is allowing your opponent to attack without attacking back. Defending isn't about blocking and parrying, it is about defending yourself, which means hitting back. What better way to defend yourself than knocking your aggressive opponent out?

Falling Into The Trap

Even the best fighters fall into the hands of their opponents. You should always be weary of your opponents game plan. Don't commit too much too early, it's always a good idea to figure your opponent out, however this doesn't mean start slowly, start at a high intensity, test your opponent, figure their game plan.

Eager Beaver

Many fighters get worked up by the pre-fight press conferences and try to hard. Others want to prove to their mates that they've got it. Don't let the event beat you. If you stick to your game plan, fight intelligently and keep your focus you will earn yourself more respect than getting knocked out in the first round.

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