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Must own kickboxing equipment

A list of the most useful kickboxing equipment to help you with your training sessions..

Kickboxing Equipment For All Kickboxers

Proper training equipment is essential if you want to get the most out of your training. The most progression comes from realistic training and this can be dangerous for you and your partner even when using protective equipment. However, you should always put yourself and your training partners health first as an injury can result in many weeks of training lost. So what's the best kickboxing equipment to train with?

You can't learn to swim without going in the water, so don't learn to fight without fighting!

Here is my list of the kickboxing equipment I would reccomend you purchasing.

kickboxing pads#1 Focus Mitts/Pads

Focus mitts/pads are probably one of the first items a beginner should buy to start off their collection. Pads are used for many kickboxing drills and will help you train a variety of punches and kicks safely. You can use pads to learn combinations, rhtyhem, timing and distance. The reason focus pads took the number one spot is that they don't require boxing gloves.


boxing gloves#2 Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are probably the second item you want to add to your training equipment because they protect your hands, wrists and most importantly your... training buddies face! They are a much needed item when hitting heavy punch bags or pads. They also come in use when practicing drills like intercepting your partners punches and 'very light' contact sparring.

'Very light' contact sparring is a brilliant way for beginners to start learning rhtyme, timing, distance and reading opponents. As soon as you think you are able to control your punches and kicks you should give light contact sparing a go.

kickshield #3 Kick Shield

Some people prefer thais pads or even use focus pads but I find nothing compares to training hard agressive kicks on a kick shield. A kickshield provides great protection for your training partner and gives enough padding and 'feel' for you to real perfect your kicks without holding back.

gum shield#4 Gum Shield / Mouth Guard

As you progress in Kickboxing you will want to spar a little faster and a little harder. A gum shield is very important to protect your teeth from getting knocked out, chipped and prevent you from biting through your tongue or cheek.

head guard

#5 Head Guard

A head guard allows you to really go head-to-head with your training partner in a hard sparring session. These are also perfect to practicing intercepting drills for example - your partner will try to strike you but you beat him to it by punching him in his head first.

shin guards#6 Shin Guards

If you have ever took a good shot to your shin or clashed yours with someone elses you will understand why they are my number 6 of essential kickboxing gear. A strike or clash to the shin can be extremely painful for those that haven't done much conditioning. Some people prefer to train without shin guards to condition their shins, but if you want to go heavy with your training shin guards are very helpful indeed.

groin guard#7 Groin Guard / Protector

This one needs no explanation at all. If you are practicing for self defense kickboxing a groin guard is a must. It also comes in handy when sparring partners accidently miss hit you in the nuts or you step into a kicks! These guards look pretty ridiculous when worn on the outside of clothing so I usually put my shorts on over my groin guard.


What about all the other equipment?

There are many items I have left off this list but these are the top 7 I would recomend purchasing. Quality kickboxing equipment doesn't come cheap and it takes most people a long time to afford a good set of training gear.

I hope I have helped you learn a little about equipment and how I use it. Remember to put your safety first and I wish you all the success with Kickboxing.

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