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Kickboxing grading belts

Kickboxing grading belts

The belt colors used to grade kickboxing students..

Many kickboxing schools have borrowed the idea of grading their students using a colored belt from Karate. Unlike Thai Kickboxing that uses colored string around the bicep as a form of grade.

On one hand I think the idea of grading students by giving them belts is a great idea to encourage them to progress and work towards improving. If a belt fuels someone with the determination to constantly improve their power, speed, agility, technique and mental strength then I am all for it.

The thing I really dislike about belts given out is the students that boast about there black belt handed out by "master gun chi pow" of the Monday evening karate church school - you know the type a mean. - A student who has been awarded a black belt in BJJ by the Gracie's is going to be a far more advanced fighter than a student handed a black belt from Master Gun Chi Pow.

So what are the colors used to grade kickboxing students?

Although the grading system varies between boxing academies the most common color scheme used for grading kickboxing students is:

White > Yellow > Orange > Purple > Blue > Green > Brown > Black.

Once a student has reached black belt they are able to strive for a high rank black belt.

How long does it take to reach black belt?

This also depends on the kickboxing school however 6-7 years is a respectable amount of training time to earn a black belt.

What's after a black belt?

Once a kickboxer has earned his or her black belt they can opt to continue training and strive for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd dan. There are also many other variations of black belt including black sash.

If your striving for a belt..

Don't let the belt or grade phase you. It's just a rank. It's all about your self progress and self grading that is most important but remember to always be honest with yourself.

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