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Weight Loss By Martial Arts (tm)

Weight Loss By Martial Arts (tm)

The "Weight Loss By Martial Arts" training program utilizes simple Martial Arts drills to give you an intense fat burning workout.

Personally I hate running, I hate treadmills, space hoppers and also cycling machines.

However, I love Martial Arts and I personally get 90% of my cardio from martial arts training. This way I am progressing as a martial artist whilst burning fat. Win Win for anyone serious about becoming a good martial artist.

Why is this program make it so easy for anyone with a passion for martial arts to lose weight?

Because all of the exercise consists of the thing you love most - martial arts. Not only will it help you shred the pounds but you will also sharpen your tools (kicks, punches,elbows) become more conditioned for sparring rounds and increase your feel for distance and timing.

And best of all, the only piece of equipment that is needed is a punch bag!

Your all-round stamina will increase. Your footwork will get better. You will become stronger and faster.

The Weight Loss By Martial Arts Program

Exercise Duration
Shadowboxing 1x3 minute round
Rest - 30 secs ----
Heavy bag work (kicks) 1x2 minute round
Rest - 30 secs ----
Shadowboxing for rhythm 1x3 minute round
Rest - 30 secs ----
Heavy bag work (punches) 1x2 minute round
Rest - 30 secs  
Heavy bag work - choose a kick that needs improving 1x2 minute round
Rest - 30 secs ----
Punch Bag Combos 1x2 minute round
Rest - 30 secs ----
Shadowboxing 1x3 minute round


Shadowboxing is all about imagining an opponent being aggressive, defensive and evasive. The better you get at 'seeing' an imaginary opponent, the better you will be able to work this drill. For more on shadowboxing read this shadowboxing article.

Shadowboxing for rhythm

Shadowboxing for rhythm is exactly the same as normal shadowboxing, except you are utilizing the sound of music to dictate your rhythm. You can read the full article on shadowboxing for rythem.

Heavy bag work

In this workout plan you must perform your heavy bag work with 100% intensity for the entire duration of the round. It is very important that you attempt to make the last punch just as heavy as the last.

It is thought that one of Bruce Lee's students asked Bruce "How can I hit as hard as you?". Bruce replied by saying "If you can hit a pad for 15 minutes with each shot being as hard as the first, you will be able to hit as hard as me."

Punch bag combos

Choose a combo and work it as hard as you can for the round. Use foot work to move in and out, angle off and use keep head movement. Here are some example boxing combinations to work on a heavy bag:

You can also mix the rhythm of your combinations up, for example:

Mix the workout up

You should mix the workout program up day-by-day. Try alternating the exercises to work on tools that need improving. For example:

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