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Fitness & endurance training

Interval running

Interval running

Interval running programs ensure we get the most out of running and we progressively develop in to stronger athletes.

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Todays Highlight
Brock Lesnar Training Video

Brock Lesnar Training Video

A training documentary on Brock Lesnar at his home gym in Minnesota. Brock also reveals why he left the glits and glamour of the WWE for the UFC

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The 10 Best Training Songs

A list of 10 of the best songs to train to. Get the most intense work-out you can by fueling yourself with music!

James Moe's Resistance Endurance Program

James Moe is back with a follow up from his first bodyweight program. This time he has revamped his work-out to utilise resistance training equipment for added strength.

James Moe's Bodyweight Endurance Program

Experienced coach James Moe has put together a full bodyweight muscular endurance program that will progressively improve your entire core strength, make you stronger, faster and more powerful.

An introduction to Fitness & endurance training

A fight doesn't always last 6 seconds... unlike what your self-defense instructor will have you believe.

Fitness and endurance is extremely important when it comes to a fight. Yes, some fights end within a few seconds but most last until one or even both fighters fatigue. You may be technically better and stronger but if you gas out after one minute - your probably going to get knocked out whilst your desperately gasping for air.

Ensure you train for fitness, endurance and stamina... take a look at G.S.P - quite possibly the worlds best athlete and also pound for pound fighter in the world - coincidence? maybe!

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