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Is Karate Kata useful and why?

Is Karate Kata useful and why?

Is Kata still useful in modern day martial arts? Is it still a useful training tool martial artists should practice?.

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  The Three K's Of Karate

In this article I will explain what the three k's of karate are and also the importance of each of the k's.

  Are you progressing as a martial artist?

Ask yourself the question. Are you getting better day after day, week after week year after year? Has your progression become stale or are you becoming faster, stronger and more knowledgeable as time goes on?.

  Sparring rules & variables

Ensuring you and your training partner have a mutual understanding of the rules and variables of your sparring training will provide a much greater training session and won't end in an angry fight.

  The importance of sparring

Sparring is the closest we can get to a real fighting situation and here is why it's so important.

  The Martial Artists Attribute Assessment

This self assessment will allow you to take a look at your own attributes and discover what you excel in and what you need to work on.

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